What is Brazilian Jujitsu?

Brazilian Jujitsu, like Judo, has its origins in Japanese Jujitsu. The history of Brazilian Jujitsu (also known as BJJ) can be traced back through the Gracie family to their original teacher, Mitsuyo Maeda and his training in the Kodokan – the home of Judo.

Brazilian Jujitsu has evolved into a discipline featuring no kicks, punches or strikes. This makes it ideal for teenagers as they learn how to control an opponent by pinning them down and restraining them.

There are also techniques that can be used against a more aggressive and dangerous opponent, including chokes, locks and even dislocation techniques. However, the main aim of BJJ is always to restrain the opponent.

Why practice

Brazilian Jujitsu?

  1. Improve physical fitness.
  2. Self-defence.
  3. Boost confidence.
  4. Enhance self-control.
  5. Increase flexibility.
  6. Make new friends.
  7. Cultivate mental strength.
  8. Improve focus and concentration.
  9. To learn a new skill.
  10. To reduce stress.

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