Combating bullying

Brazilian Jujitsu is a powerful weapon against bullying. The skills and habits acquired in the class are carried over into life, making children strong and more powerful in everything they do.

The effects of bullying

The impact of bullying on the victim, their family, the witnesses and the bully themselves is far-reaching. Victims of bullying are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, feelings of sadness and isolation, health complaints, reduced academic achievement and a loss of interest in activities, sometimes continuing into adulthood.

Children who bully

The bully is engaging in this behaviour for a reason – usually to make themselves feel better about another aspect of their life. Without help this behaviour is likely to persist and even worsen, over time. The effect on the bully can include poor academic performance (exacerbated by school suspension), truancy, problems with social relationships and increased risk of substance abuse.

Brazilian Jujitsu
Can help a bullied child or a bully in multiple ways

  1. It addresses the physical threat of bullying by equipping the bullied child with the tools to stop the attacker on the ground.
  2. BJJ techniques use the size and strength of a bully against them, allowing a smaller child to use leverage, locks and holds to neutralise a bigger, stronger attacker without punching or kicking them.
  3. BJJ trains the student to analyse the situation and react appropriately – ensuring they don’t get into trouble at school.
  4. It reduces the fear of physical combat in victims of bullying. Consistent training strengthens the body and teaches a child to react without hesitation when defending themselves.
  5. Jujitsu fosters more confident behaviour in children – promoting eye-contact, self-assured posture and respectful hand-shakes with their instructors. As they develop their new BJJ skills, children trust their body’s new capabilities and enjoy increased self-respect.
  6. The class format requires children to spar with many partners of all sizes and personalities – helping to reduce shyness and nurturing their social skills, both in and out of the class.
  7. Students learn resilience – learning to win and lose with grace. Their understanding of when to change tactics improves, ensuring they adapt their technique instead of withdrawing into themselves.

These skills can be carried over into all aspects of their lives.

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